Our VISION is to be Asia’s first global Sports & Esports agency

TSA has generated over US$500 MILLION of new revenue for the sports industry throughout the 25 years of our involvement.  Money that flowed into the Game, money which supported the creation of new events, build and sustained competitions, upgraded infrastructures and provided athletes prize money and pay cheques.

At the same time, we created incredible memories for the athletes and fans: from The Rock (WWE) standing in the ring from Tokyo to Singapore in front of sold-out arenas of screaming fans to the first ever Bundesliga Match on Chinese soil to the richest Badminton tournament (Axiata Cup) to the first Naming rights deal the Axiata Arena in South East Asia, to Danny Way jumping over the Great Wall of China with a Skateboard.  We created emotions for both athletes and the fans, lots of happy tears and standing ovations.  We created legacies which will never be forgotten and will be talked about for decades.

And in the process we gave BRANDS an opportunity to connect with the FANS, with their PASSION, their DREAMS and HOPES.  We’ve always aimed for the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the SPORT, the FANS and our BRAND PARTNERS. 

NOW the TSA Group is THINKING even BIGGER and BOLDER and BRINGING even larger sums into the GAME, by targeting US$1 BILLION over the next 10 YEARS.  That’s twice the money in half the time.

Our focus will include not only traditional sports but also ESPORTS/E-GAMING.  We will play right at the intersection of both of these amazing entertainment genres.

Our role will go way beyond media and sponsorship deals for Sports & Esports, it will include smart partnerships and new Revenue models for IP owners, Education, Health & Sports Tech and the latest digital technology for Fan engagement, Sports Master Planning, and Sports/Esports Venues and townships.  

We will not only find new revenue streams, but we will bring new forms of funding to both Sports and Esports by partnering with the smartest Financial and Fin-tech groups in the world.  This will include Crowd Funding, Crypto-currencies, Tokenization of Assets, Government Funding as well as traditional Equity and Debt funding.

Our Vision is to create a US$100 million Sports/Esports Fund for Asia over the next 3 years which will eventually grow to US$1 billion in fire power over the next 10 years for projects across the world. 

If the above excites you, Contact Us and come and join us to help make this VISION happen.


Marcus Luer is Asia’s #1 Sports Marketing Entrepreneur and the Group CEO of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia’s global sports marketing agency which he founded 25 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Marcus is a thought after industry expert and speaker and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg Asia, regularly presents at major global sports conferences and has contributed to many international newspapers and industry magazines articles.

He recently launched his own Sports Entrepreneurs Podcast Series featuring top sports executives and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Sports Business International (SBI) magazine voted him into the “SBI 200 Team”, comprising of the most influential leaders in the industry over the past 18 years.

He is also the Co-Founder of GLORY Sports International (GSI), the #1 Kickboxing League in the world. 

Marcus also created the Branded Real Estate (BRE) concept, a brand consulting business to the Real Estate industry.

BRE has developed a very unique set of skills which matches the power of Superbrands with Residential Real Estate projects in the region. From the Michael Schumacher World Tower to two Armani Residences in India and China, TSA BRE has developed projects with a combined GDV value of over US$ 1 billion and is the leading agency globally in this space.

Living and working in the sports industry in Asia for over 25 years, Marcus is considered one of the Founding fathers of Sports Marketing in Asia and continues to follow his passion to develop the Asian and global sports industry.

At the end of 1997, at the age of 29 and after three years in Asia working for World Sports Group (WSG), Marcus founded TSA. Marcus’ drive and leadership has guided the company to what it is today, Asia’s global leader in sports content and branding solutions. TSA has created over US$ 500 million worth of new revenue for rights holders globally over the past 20 years and targets to generate US$ 1 billion over the next 10 years for Asian sports and Esports properties.

TSA represents and/or has worked with major global sports brands from Premier League Football Clubs, Formula One teams, WWE, US Open Tennis and a host of Olympic Sports Federations (BWF, ITTF, AIBA, IAAF, FINA, UCI, etc) over the last 23 years. TSA also partnered with the SPARTAN RACE series in 2015 to develop the first events in Asia.

TSA’s role is always focused on developing new commercial opportunities and build larger platforms for rights holders, events, Venues and brands in the region or worldwide. TSA’s clients range from broadcasters, Asian multinationals to global corporations and governments seeking to maximize the power of sports for their own brand benefit. TSA provides a range of consulting services to these clients, for example, as the Commercial Partnership Consultant to KL Sports City, TSA created Malaysia’s first Venue Naming rights deal with the Axiata Arena. TSA is currently developing a 10 Year Sports Masterplan for an Asian Government, including grassroots, education to elite athlete training concepts. Sports Education is becoming a new driving force in Asia and TSA has partnered with the prestigious Loughborough University in the UK.

TSA Football is focused on serving the growing Asian Football market, including Player transfers, Football Club/Leagues Consulting services, sponsorship and other fund raising.

Total Esports (TES), is the latest venture, combining the expertise in sponsorship, media and events from the traditional world of sports to the booming Esports ecosystem. TES works with top E-gaming publishers, platforms and teams in Asia.

Marcus’ ventured into the Digital start up space with SPORTSFIX, a Netflix of Sports concept in Asean. Sportsfix focus is live and on Demand content delivered via an OTT (Over the Top) platform incorporating Blockchain technology targeted towards the new generation of sports fans which heavily consume content on their mobile devices.

In early 2012, Marcus teamed up with a group of blue chip investors and Fight Sports industry experts to launch GLORY Kickboxing, the premier kickboxing League in the world. Marcus used his 20 years of experience across the global sports marketing world to start the new venture. GLORY has produced over 70 events since its inception in major cities around the world from London, New York to Tokyo and will continue to expand its reach with more events in the future, including events in China and across media platforms worldwide.

Marcus is not just an avid sports executive and fan but also gets into the action. You will see him regularly participate in Triathlons or other races across the region. He is also a member and active on the board of YPO’s (Young Presidents Organization) Malaysian Chapter since 2007.



AS WE GROW AS A COMPANY, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies.


EVERY YEAR, TOTAL SPORTS ASIA (TSA) is recognized by a variety of organizations for its business successes, community commitment, employee initiatives and other achievements.

WE ARE PROUD of the recognition we have earned for our performance over the years.

  • Profima Awards – Best TV Magazine – Badminton World 2012
  • China’s Real Estate Managers Union (CRMU) – Most Reliable Partner of China Developer
  • 7th International Sports Event Management – Best Use of Technology in Axiata Cup 2013
  • Advertising & Marketing Malaysia – Sports Marketing Agency of the Year
  • EMMYS Non-Scripted Entertainment The Challenger Muay Thai / Imagine Group Pte Singapore
  • 6th International Sports Event Management – Best Use of Technology in Axiata Cup 2012